Sagility is committed to protecting the planet, halting climate change, and promoting social development.

Our Aim

Sagility’s Strategy

As a global leader in business process management and optimizing the member/patient experience, Sagility is committed to sustainability. Our business model aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being, which contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are taking steps, starting with our own organization and operations, to become a sustainability leader. This means fostering a sustainability culture and empowering employees to contribute to this mission.

Sustainability at Sagility

At Sagility, we aim to collaborate with all our stakeholders to create a resilient, sensitive, and sustainable organization. We wish to co-create a harmonious co-existence that helps both the planet and the community to thrive.


Our vision is to become the most caring company. Caring for people’s health is in our DNA, both through our services where we support transformative healthcare, and through promoting employee and community welfare. Caring for the planet is how we drive our operations.


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From Our Leaders

Ramesh Gopalan, Chief Executive Officer

“Our ESG commitment is aligned to our organizational values. Sagility aims to lead and be recognized as a purpose-driven organization. We have been building a transformative sustainability strategy that achieves responsible and measurable actions across our business. It allows us to realize better opportunities for our people, the environment, and the communities around us. As early adopters of socially responsible initiatives, we are driven by the belief that purposeful growth leads to innovation, business growth, and welfare of all.”

Smita Nair Jain, Chief Administrative Officer

“Sustainability is an essential strategic task for any business today. Our commitment starts with leading by example—whether it’s promoting reuse/recycle or investing in electric vehicles and green office spaces. With a proactive focus on environmental cost and decision-making, we are achieving metrics that reflect Sagility’s sustainable purpose and stewardship.”

Caring for the Environment

At Sagility, our actions are aligned to tackle the environmental concerns of climate change and global warming. Environmental stewardship is at the core of our daily operations with primary focus on optimized management of our energy, water, and waste sources. We intend to responsibly reduce our carbon footprint and efficiently manage our consumption of natural resources to create a favorable impact on the environment and create a sustainable future for the generations to come.


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Caring for People

As a healthcare leader, the ability to care, nurture, and respect is deeply engrained in Sagility’s work culture. We believe in fostering the spirit of collective development, and our CSR initiatives are a testimonial to our efforts to create an equitable world for disadvantaged communities. We are committed to empowering our people to achieve personal and professional development by enabling them through the best-in class opportunities. Spanning five geographies, our diverse workforce brings fresh ideas and supports innovation at Sagility.


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Caring for the Community

Sagility aims to deliver a positive impact across our global communities. Sagility’s employee-led volunteering programs are in partnership with NGOs to drive our CSR initiatives. We believe that by empowering communities with the right skill set, we can enable them to create a sustainable future. Powered with this belief, it is our genuine endeavor to build a sustainable livelihood for these communities with support from our employees.


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We ensure responsible operations, keeping in mind our commitment to provide efficient services and ensure sustainable operations to our clients, investors, and other stakeholders. Sagility’s work culture is based on principles of integrity, accountability, and transparency. As we work with confidential healthcare data, we realize the significance of robust controls and uncompromised governance mechanisms. At a geography level, there is an Oversight and Monitoring Committee, consisting of geography functional heads of various functions. This committee designs, structures the processes in line with agreed contractual obligation and is responsible for meeting the national and international laws as applicable to the service delivery activities.


The Sagility Board has oversight of all the operating healthcare entities and consists of six directors with diverse experience and professional backgrounds. The company has an Audit, Finance, and Risk Committee (AFRC) comprising three directors, with the majority of Committee members and the Committee chairperson as independent.


At Sagility, we believe that our suppliers, agents, service providers, channel partners, dealers, distributors, and vendors (suppliers) make significant contributions to our success, and we respect and treat our suppliers in an ethical manner. Sagility suppliers are selected based on their merit, competitive price, quality, and performance. Importantly, we require our suppliers to conduct their businesses in legal and ethical manner.


Our Awards

Asia Pacific HRM Congress, 2022

Sagility has won awards in recognition of commendable work by our Human Resources team at the ASIA PACIFIC HRM CONGRESS 2022 in three categories: Promoting Health in the Workplace, HR Team of The Year, and Top Organization with Innovative HR Practices

Project Svastha Wins CSR Project of the Year

Sagility as part of our CSR initiatives partnered with Solidarity foundation to implement the project Svastha, which focuses on enhancing the wellness of LGBTQIA+ community through capacity building and mental health support. This project won Sagility the prestigious award: CSR Project of the year.