Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Sagility

Building Communities Across the Globe

As a socially responsible corporate entity, Sagility is committed to carrying out our corporate social responsibility (CSR) through activities and initiatives that are aimed at the overall development of society to lift up economically and socially disadvantaged communities.


Sagility embraces the power of change to create value and shared success for our clients, people, shareholders, partners, and communities. All of our CSR initiatives are driven by partnership and engagement with the community across the globe.


Our CSR activities go beyond charity and monetary donations. We ensure an active role in employee engagement through volunteering activities contributing to the sustainable development of society, the environment, and local communities.


Sagility has been an early adopter of CSR initiatives, as economic progress is closely linked to social and environmental stewardship here.


CSR Activities

Livelihood Enhancement (Through Skilling)

We provide support to a variety of livelihood-related projects that promote opportunities, enhance skills, and foster an environment that encourages associated communities to explore various possibilities for better income generation.


Empowering Local Communities

Sagility works with diverse local underserved and vulnerable communities across the globe to support their holistic development.


Inclusive Access to Healthcare

We ensure that people have access to the services and resources necessary to achieve their full health potential in remote rural areas and urban communities.


Our Global Initiatives


Our Sagility Jamaica Team distributes clothing to various non-profits, reads to the blind and visually impaired students, plants trees, and provides remedial reading high school students. One recent initiative was a senior citizens’ home visit, during which we donated needed items.


Our Sagility Philippines Team helps the local community with clothing and other donations to homes for the aged and an entertainment program for the elderly community. We also conducted a blood donation drive and an auction for the Philippines General Hospital Pediatric Department.


Our Sagility Colombia Team dedicates time and efforts to various community-focused initiatives, including organizing food drives for underprivileged people.


The US Sagility Team is focused on grassroots CSR efforts, with one recent focus area of volunteering at food banks. At this event, the team packed food and managed food stations to help those in need. The US team also recently donated funds to fight community hunger.


The India Sagility Team actively strives to strengthen the local community. Among many community engagement activities, our team recently provided access to safe and clean drinking water to students in identified government schools in targeted geographies.