Hyperautomation and Process Optimization

We deploy humans and bots to deliver process efficiency along with superior process effectiveness. Hundreds of bots have been developed and deployed to automate processes across major healthcare business functions, including:


Enrollment/ Billing Payment Integrity  Customer Service  Claims  Provider Network  Management Revenue Cycle Management

Better, Faster and Greater Customer Satisfaction

Automating repeatable tasks with the use of bots, anticipating the situation and equipping the agent with the right information at the right time, using NLP to read and interpret content for decision making and mining processes to eke out efficiencies – these are some examples of how we achieve process optimization. We are continually striving for greater efficiency while not losing sight of the need to maximize the business impact and the user experience.


Hyperautomation Components

Process Mining

Enables deep transformation discovery at scale. Unifies process excellence & automation and provides insights for process efficiency

Intelligent Automation

Unattended & attended RPA bots to eliminate repetitive tasks, Intelligent document Processing for images & documents

Agent Assist (Knowledge Management)

Intelligent Search on unstructured content, on-demand, interactive guidance to enable accuracy, support to human agents


Omni-channel Bots for contact deflection (Website, Mobile, IVR), Channel Optimization, Contact Elimination

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