Healthcare Technology Platforms

Applications and solutions for the healthcare industry that result in digital transformation

Cloud-enabled, Streamlined Digital Service

The healthcare industry continues to transform rapidly as it keeps pace with the digitization of the broader economy. Processes and functions across broad swaths of the industry from telemedicine to member engagement to payment processing are experiencing digital transformation. Sagility Technologies undertakes digital engineering efforts to create capabilities that enable us to deliver value add services that take advantage of this digital trend.


Sagility Technologies utilizes a number of technology disciplines and frameworks to rapidly build applications and solutions to digitally transform processes. Using a combination of intern ally developed components and best in class commercial products, we build solutions that ingest, transform, process, decision and communicate results across most healthcare industry functions. In the process, we utilize software development frameworks, comprehensive healthcare industry data models, data analytics, automation tools, CRM frameworks etc., to build, integrate and deploy these solutions


Cloud Computing

Work on applications that are securely deployed on the cloud

Integration Engineering

Use an API-led approach to rapidly assemble and integrate key components

Configurable Workflow Engines

Configure function-specific, operationally efficient workflows

Healthcare Specific Data Models

Create data models that holistically represent different healthcare entities


“ICP” stands for Intelligent Content Processing and is the core technology that Sagility Technolgies uses to process images from physical document scanning or inbound fax channels. The ICP engine consists of an optical character recognition (OCR) engine and a machine-learning driven natural language processing (NLP) that allow us to process documents such as claims forms, appeals letters, legal documents, medical records, and other correspondence. The engine can read a scanned document, extract the contents of the document (either structured as a form or unstructured like a letter) and output the full text of the document, generate a context-aware summary of the document, or generate an EDI message from the contents (e.g., an 837 EDI message from a scanned claim form). This engine can be incorporated, along with our human verifiers, into any workflow where a document requires reading or summarization to dramatically increase the speed and quality of that workflow.

Speech Analytics

As much of our business involves our agents talking to our clients’ members, providers, and brokers, Sagility has invested in developing tools that can listen to speech and extract meaning from what is being said. Our tools can parse speech regardless of accent, identify the speaker (agent or client), and provide a transcription of the conversation that can be fed into our ICP engine’s NLP components to extract additional insights about what is being said. This tool can be used simply for transcription or for efficient assessment of an agent’s performance. For example, we can scan call recordings to identify suboptimal agent performance by looking for phrases indicating client dissatisfaction, anger, or frustration. This is an invaluable tool to add to the standard toolbox of agent quality assessment and ensures our agents are getting the necessary feedback to perform at their best.

Self-Service Portals

Most of our solutions provide a self-service portal to the member, provider, or broker that allows them to get their answers or complete their necessary tasks with a minimum of hassle. All of our client-facing portals are built within our standard unified portal framework that ensures a secure and user-friendly experience. Our portals are designed to be seamlessly integrated with our clients’ sites through our support for standard single sign on (SSO) approaches like SAML and through being designed to be easily restyled to match your existing site. Our user experience designers focus on creating simple, step-by-step pages that can guide a user through any process and that are connected to their profiles in the data hubs to provide a truly personalized experience.

Profile-Based Data Hubs

All of our technology solutions are built from a user-centric standpoint and every piece of data we collect, import, or generate about a member, provider, or even claim or document is captured and stored in a comprehensive profile database. Every person or document our solutions and agents interact with are out at the center of a model of data that captures events, measurements, behavior and interaction data, data from our clients, data sourced from our data partners, and our analytics engine-generated conclusions across the entire lifecycle of our interaction with them. This profile can be analyzed to generate additional insights by our engines and our data scientists and used to create and coordinate that highly personalized user experience today’s consumers expect.

Healthcare CRM

Sagility Health has many years of experience creating healthcare-specific CRM tools that allow agents to interact with their callers in the most efficient ways possible. From using our analytical insights from our profiles to drive next-best actions and recommendations for our clients to coordinating processes as they move across channels with the client, our CRM models give agents exactly what they need to provide a superior level of service. Our internal solutions are implemented in Microsoft Dynamics and are integrated directly into our profile data hubs, omnichannel communications suites including web-based telephony, messaging, and email and can be easily configured to each of our clients’ specific workflows, scripting, and interaction requirements.

Dashboards and Reports

With our focus on collecting data across communication channels, building profiles, and generating insights with our data analytics, we also recognize the necessity of presenting that information in a way that is useful for all of our stakeholders. The self-service portals serve our users, our CRM tools support our agents, and our dashboarding tools support the needs of our management and executive stakeholders. Sagility Health uses the powerful BI, dashboarding, and reporting tools available in the market today to aid in summarizing and visualizing the data we collect on our customers, our processes, and our performance. Every service we provide is built upon our core data technologies and provides a comprehensive set of dashboards and reports that allow for effective management and oversight of that process be it manual or automated.

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