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At Sagility Technologies, we combine process and operational excellence with the technologies of today and tomorrow to deliver true digital transformation for our clients. Through our different technology CoEs, we deliver solutions for our clients that address the three E’s – Experience, Efficiency, and Effectiveness.

Accelerating Client Growth

We accelerate growth for our clients by delivering solutions that appropriately merge human expertise with the right mix of process automation, analytics driven business insight and the power of AI/ML and domain rich technology platforms.


Our Capabilities and Centers of Excellence

Healthcare Technology Platforms

We deliver cloud native applications that serve the needs of the consumer on their terms while delivering a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Business Processes as a Service (BPaaS)

By combining healthcare data and business process knowledge with our technology CoEs, we deliver comprehensive, transformed business process and functions.

Hyperautomation and Process Optimization

We use deep process knowledge, automation tools and techniques and analytics driven business insight to drive higher levels of process optimization.

Advanced Analytics, AI/ML, & BI

Deliver business insight, reengineer processes, improve accuracy and efficiency

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