Sagility aims to enhance provider services by seamlessly integrating Patient Access, Patient Engagement, and Clinical Services with licensed care professionals, delivering a superior patient experience. Through our innovative approach, we streamline administrative processes and empower healthcare providers to focus on delivering high-quality care, while ensuring billing and revenue management are efficient for a seamless and patient-centric healthcare journey.


Patient Access

To cover all aspects of patient access, Sagility employs a comprehensive process that ultimately improves the patient experience. We prioritize insurance verification, benefit confirmation, authorization, and referrals to aid providers in improving their patient access quality. In an industry marked by inefficiencies, our approach addresses financial clearance intricacies, helping clients maximize their potential reimbursements.


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Patient Engagement

Maintaining excellent customer service is a crucial aspect of a provider’s long list of responsibilities, particularly in the healthcare industry. Sagility offers a distinct approach to customer service that transforms the provider-patient relationship.

We serve as an extension of your practice, helping improve your ability to provide better quality of care, patient outcomes and satisfaction, while ensuring strong financial performance. Our patient engagement solutions cover diverse services like appointment setting, patient billing and collections, as well as omnichannel communication support. Sagility strives for a comprehensive patient engagement strategy that benefits both providers and patients.


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Clinical Services

By integrating technology-driven clinical denial management and virtual nurse/telehealth services, we optimize processes using Payer-Provider synergy, AI automation, and global nursing expertise. This fosters efficient denial resolutions, precise coding, real-time analytics, and enhanced patient-provider interactions. With our team of 1400 nurses and adept healthcare professionals, we deliver improved outcomes, reduce health disparities, afford better care access, and a more effective healthcare system.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Our multi-layered, deeply integrative approach incorporates predictive analytics, machine learning, and comprehensive root-cause analysis to prioritize and address unpaid claims. Sagility has managed over $18.4 billion in client accounts receivable, and achieved cash recovery totaling $5.1 billion through our Revenue Cycle Management solutions.

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Labs and Durable Medical Equipment Support

At Sagility, we specialize in providing comprehensive support for laboratories offering services such as order entry, prior-authorization, billing management, A/R and denials management, and exceptional customer service. We enhance cash collection, enable significant reduction in bad debt, streamline processes through automation and technology, and improve productivity and quality benchmarks. Similarly, our Durable Medical Equipment (DME) services demonstrate our deep expertise in Order Intake, triage, Order Qualification, product sales, customer service, insurance processes, and yield impressive results including enhanced cash factor, improved sales conversions, and consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.

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