Patient Access

Sagility understands the importance of seamless, accurate, and efficient patient access. Although the world of patient access has evolved immensely, inefficiencies remain an issue for providers. Our approach to financial clearance encompasses verification of eligibility information, benefits verification, and authorization to referral requirement determinations.


  • 99.7% accuracy
  • 1.2M+ claims cleared in 15 years


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Insurance Verification

We meticulously verify eligibility information to guarantee accuracy. Additionally, we take the proactive step of updating eligibility and coordination of benefits (COB) information within the Patient Access System (PAS), further streamlining the patient access process.

Benefits Verification

Our Benefits Verification service goes beyond basic coverage checks. We diligently verify exact coverage details, coverage limitations, requirements, and pre-existing condition information. We also assess patient residuals for various types of services, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their financial responsibilities.

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Authorization is a critical aspect of patient access, and we handle it with precision. Our team determines the exact authorization requirements, securing the necessary approvals with efficiency. We keep a keen eye on the status of previously initiated authorization requests, addressing denials and pending cases by identifying the underlying reasons. For successful authorization requests, we ensure the accurate recording of authorization numbers and dates of service covered, promptly updating the system.


To navigate the intricacies of Referral processes, we focus on referral requirement determination. We conduct online checks and reach out to primary care physicians (PCPs) as needed for referrals. Our validation of PCP information and referral requirements leads to increased accuracy in system updates. This level of attention ensures a streamlined referral process that supports a more efficient patient access process.

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