Advanced Analytics, AI/ML & BI

Deliver business insights, reengineer processes, improve accuracy and efficiency through our advanced solutions.

Forecast, Anticipate, Target, Visualize

Models for predicting or forecasting outcomes; an ability to personalize an interaction through more accurate identification, stratification and targeting; better customer service due to accurate sentiment analysis and next-best-action prompts; the ability to view relevant information for easier decisioning, these are some of the many examples of how we use a suite of data science and data engineering capabilities to deliver high-value services to our healthcare clients.

Our Solutions Offering


  • Improved G&A processing with efficiency improvement and reduction in fatal errors
  • Efficiency improvement in specific Payment Integrity processes
  • Improved Member and Provider experience through Speech Analytics and NLP powered interaction analytics
  • Improved recovery forecasting accuracy

Advanced Analytics & Optimization

  • Overpayment prediction models highlighting savings for Clinical Audit programs
  • Higher recovery through Propensity to Pay models
  • Claims Error Propensity Model which improve claim processing accuracy & QA effectiveness
  • Advanced collections per month by deploying optimization models

Business Intelligence

  • Integrated analytical suite which reduces turnaround time for provider relationship managers
  • Actionable insights for Claim Cost and Operational Management
  • Medical Records review and
  • Technical Denial Management
  • Complex Connections to identify Fraudulent Behavior and Unusual Billing Patterns
  • Special Investigations Unit Referrals

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