Patient Engagement

Sagility excels in enhancing healthcare customer service. With our deep customer service expertise and a dedicated team of 5,200 FTE specialists, we provide an industry-leading experience. Our approach guarantees improved customer satisfaction, actionable insights and metrics, and efficiency for both inbound and outbound calls. Our flexible customer service blueprint covers various needs, from clerical tasks to tailored strategies. Key benefits for providers include:


  • Smart feedback to improve patient experience through our Intelligent Interaction Analytics Platform (IIAP)
  • Enhanced NPS scores above 60


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Inbound and Outbound Calls

At Sagility, we excel in inbound and outbound call services that redefine client interactions. Our outbound collections consistently exceed targets by 2 to 2.5 times, with a notable 15% reduction in handle time achieved within six months. Our adept inbound team seamlessly handles diverse scheduling needs, achieving a remarkable 13% improvement in handle time, even for complex services. These accomplishments showcase our commitment to delivering efficient and exceptional call services, setting new industry standards.