Provider Clinical Services

Sagility’s Provider Clinical Solutions is a comprehensive service package designed to enhance operational excellence and elevate the quality of care for patients. We accomplish these objectives through a combination of technology-enabled clinical denial management and virtual nurse/telehealth services. The results are streamlined denial resolution processes, accurate clinical coding, real-time analytics, and improved patient-provider interactions.


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Clinical Denials Management

A technology-enabled clinical denial solution with a three-pronged approach to improve overall clinical denial outcomes. Sagility leverages our Payer-Provider synergy with alternating channels, coupled with an AI-enabled solution to manage Specialized Routing Nurse Assist automation. We also provide clinical/coding criteria mapping, calculating Incidence Rate Ratios (IRR), constant calibration and alignment to the payer and the latest clinical trends. Our Descriptive Analytics and models provide a complete, real time view into collectible vs uncollectible denials. With all this, we ensure a noticeable metric impact and improved Provider experience impact, reducing health inequity and better access to care for the patients.

Virtual Nurse and Telehealth

We leverage global nursing talent to support remote/virtual care to help health systems and hospitals improve patient experience. Our Philippines based, U.S. licensed nurses use telehealth technology to support bedside nurses with patient care activities. These activities include admission and discharge assessments, monitoring vitals signs, supporting care coordination with the care teams, and assisting with discharge planning and referrals.

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