Labs and Durable Equipment Support

Sagility understands the nuances of the order-to-cash cycle, prioritizing accuracy, privacy and speed when supporting medical devices, diagnostic, clinical, or laboratory tests. Our efforts concentrate around maximizing collections at an optimal cost. Meeting standards is not important just for audits, as mistakes could affect a patient’s health, finances, and trust in your organization. With hundreds of experienced resources servicing healthcare clients worldwide, we are in a unique position to improve your process efficiency and collections.


  • Improve front-office and back-office processes to drive real outcomes
  • 2+ decades of customer care expertise and industry-leading compliance
  • Superior customer support, technical support, triage and order intake, and billing services

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Two physicians inside of a lab. The physicians are wearing white lab coats and are analyzing test samples.

An image of lab samples in a tray.


Drawing from our extensive expertise, we provide comprehensive support to laboratories across several critical domains, encompassing order entry, prior authorization, suspended billing, A/R and denials management, and exceptional customer service.



  • – A 35% increase in cash collections
  • – A reduction of over 70% in bad debt
  • – Consistently meeting and exceeding productivity and quality Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Durable Medical Equipment

Our expertise lies in collaborating with Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies, providing invaluable services such as Order Intake and triage, as well as comprehensive Order Qualification involving insurance verification, benefits validation, and prior-authorization. We also bolster your bottom line by aiding in product sales, top-notch customer service, and collections strategies.effective insurance and early-out billing.


  • – 50% + improvement in cash factor
  • – 33% improvement in sales conversions
  • – Improved CSAT for all customer interactions
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