Caring for the Environment


At Sagility, we understand that a significant portion of our carbon emissions arise from our electricity usage and hence continue to monitor our energy consumption. Sagility operates through leased facilities in all of our offices across the 5 geographies. The electricity utilised by us is procured by the property owner and hence is directly not under Sagility’s control. Our Cranbury facility in USA is 100% powered by Solar Energy. In India two of our offices utilise renewable energy. Through energy saving measures such as sensor lightings and conscious efforts from our employees to reduce their energy usage, we are trying to reduce our overall consumption and replace it with renewable alternatives as feasible.



We initiated our scope wise emission tracking for Sagility in 2022. Currently we track our emissions across all our offices under Scope 1 and 2 categories and we are also diligently working towards reducing the same. Our Scope 1 emissions arise from sources such as use of natural gas for heating purposes in our USA office premises, use of refrigerants and fugitives through our HVAC systems and fire extinguishers, and through company owned vehicles primarily operating in our India and Philippines geos. We have procured Electric Vehicles for our Bangalore offices in India to mitigate the emissions generated from company owned vehicles.  Scope 2 is a major contributor to our carbon footprint which arises from our electricity usage across all geos. We actively engage with our employee groups to identify methods to reduce our emission generation and switch to green alternatives. Below are some of the initiatives undertaken at our offices to mitigate our emission generation:

Our Initiatives

Solar panels at Cranbury USA for 100% Renewable energy

Water (tap) and light sensors to avoid wastage

LEED certified buildings for Sagility premises

Solar power charging stations for Electric Vehicles

Replacing ceramic cups with paper cups to save water

Food with zero foodprint procured

Water refilling stations to reduce waste generation

Hot seat arrangement and WFH to manage emission


Our water souring is completely dependent on our lessors who source the water from municipal, private or other sources. However, we are diligent in our efforts to avoid any wastage and use water judiciously. We have sensor taps installed at some of our India and USA offices and are engaging with our property owners to implement the same across the remaining offices as well.  Since our primary use of water is only for office-based purpose, such as drinking and sanitation, there is a limited quantity of water consumption that we indulge in. Even so, our employees are vigilant and active in their efforts to avoid any wastage.



Sagility’s waste generation sources arise from old equipment such as desktop, laptop, batteries, etc. used in our BPM operations and through a few non- hazardous materials such as paper, and food waste. Of the generated waste, recyclable waste is duly disposed through authorized vendors.  In Philippines, we also try to optimise the old desktops by donating the same to schools run by social organisations. Additionally, to avoid generation of plastic waste in our offices, our employees have consciously chosen to carry their own tumblers/ bottles to avoid usage of plastic containers. Small measures such as those listed above are working wonders in our efforts to cut down on our waste generation.