Employee Health and Safety Policy


We at Sagility Operations Inc, its parent companies, affiliates & subsidiaries (“Sagility” or the “Company”) are committed to provide safe and healthy working environment, ensuring good health, and wellness of employees and the prevention of work-related injuries and ill-health. A safe and conducive work environment encourages productivity and enhances the efficiency of employees. This policy has thus been documented to underline our commitment to employee wellness and safety.



This policy would be applicable to all Sagility employees, vendors, customers and to any visitors at our office premises.



Sagility is committed:

  • to maintain and continually improve our management systems to eliminate hazards and reduce health & safety risks to all our stakeholders
  • to promote a safe and healthy workplace by implementing appropriate management practices and technology
  • to identify, classify, prioritize, and measure risks in our day-to-day operations to ensure adequate safety measures are in place
  • to track any safety incidents, work related injuries or illnesses noted within the company
  • to build our emergency response practices for being better equipped in case of any threats, vulnerabilities, or natural disasters
  • to have adequate post incident response and recovery measures in place
  • to ensure adequate medical assistance is available for all employees at all office sites
  • to monitor and measure our performance and comply with all applicable laws to maintain our status as a responsible member of the corporate community in all locations in which we operate
  • to review our policies, procedures, and practices at regular and periodic intervals to address the changing circumstances
  • to promote this policy amongst our employees, consultants, vendors, customers, and every individual who is associated with or does business with us
  • to create a work environment and culture that is conducive and supportive for each one of our employees, consultants, vendors, customers to work together towards the health and safety of all
  • to encourage our employees to maintain work life balance.
  • to promote mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of all our employees and to provide adequate related support as needed
  • to promote employee engagement and invite feedback for better safety performance
  • to conduct periodic internal and external reviews to ensure adherence to safety practices and norms



This policy shall be reviewed at least annually by Global HR Team.  The review findings shall be documented.  The policy shall be reviewed considering cases of influencing changes, such as change in technology, changes in business model, changes in management structure, changes in law, etc.  The policy shall be appropriately modified & documented to meet our business requirements.



Geo-specific Environmental polices and procedures, as applicable.