Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sagility has a global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) policy that guides all our DEI practices and interventions. We also have a Global DEI Council comprised of senior leaders from across the geographies that we are present in. It is headed by the Global Chief Administrative Officer who reports into the Chief Executive Officer. We have a core set of values that guides our business strategy and ‘Inclusion’ is one of them.


Our DEI initiatives span across efforts to hire more diverse candidates from varying backgrounds, to focus on the growth and development of our existing employees from different backgrounds and creating a culture of inclusion where each person thrives.


We believe that every person gets the same access to opportunities irrespective of their backgrounds and our DEI initiatives are geared toward that goal.


We have interventions from global learning programs on DEI, targeted hiring programs for people from diverse backgrounds, comprehensive hiring and support program for women returning from work, skill and leadership development program for women, employee advocacy groups – Employee Resource Groups, Role Modeling series with senior male and female leaders and a host of other initiatives to ensure we have a workplace that is truly diverse and inclusive.


We also try to support inclusion in the community around us. Through our CSR program, we support partners that are working for the upliftment of People with Disabilities and also the LGBTQ+ community – mostly from under-privileged backgrounds.