Our Engagement Services Solution

Effective healthcare management thrives on proactive, meaningful dialogue between healthcare professionals and patients. Leveraging our strong workforce of 13,000 engagement services associates and deep domain expertise, we manage 50 million member interactions, reduce wait times, and improve the member experience across 4 geographies. Furthermore, we deploy intelligent systems that interpret data to facilitate personalized healthcare.


Our solutions enable results such as:


  • Improved issue resolution by 15%
  • Positively impact call-to-claim rework ratio by 10%
  • Achieved industry leading NPS numbers of over 75
  • Increase in call deflection up to 40%


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Contact Center as a Service

Experience the future of healthcare with Sagility’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), where cutting-edge technology brings the next-generation of member and provider experiences. We manage end-to-end contact center activities, freeing your time to focus on managing the healthcare needs of your members. Our comprehensive solution includes speech and data analytics, intuitive reporting, and AI-based omni-channel capabilities with predictive and proactive outreach. Leveraging these advanced technologies, alongside our domain experts and process ingenuity, we optimize outcomes and drive down costs for our healthcare client partners. Witness results such as a 50% improvement in speed to proficiency, a 15% increase in efficiency, 10% reduction in critical errors.

Provider Calls

At Sagility, we are efficient at resolving provider queries with the least amount of friction points to ensure members are not lost in the payer and provider ecosystem. We’re committed to promoting seamless operations and ensuring a satisfying provider experience from the moment they engage with us.

Our advantage lies in our end-to-end claims expertise, which enables us to effortlessly service the front-end provider service space. With tech-enabled solutions at our core, we’ve revolutionized interactions by reducing provider effort in contacting payers. Experience immediate increases in resolution rates as our multi-channel layer improves the provider experience.

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Member Calls

Through empathetic member experience, we don’t just aim to resolve issues; we strive to simplify the entire healthcare system navigation process. With timely and insightful education, we empower your members to make informed decisions, optimizing their spending on medications and other essential healthcare needs.

Our tech-enabled approach means your members will experience a level of support like never before, with personalized interactions and real-time solutions that cater to their unique needs. Let us elevate your member engagement to new heights, revolutionizing the way healthcare services are delivered and empowering your members.

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