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Sagility’s expertise was sought by a prominent payer to address the challenges of providing onshore support to dual eligible Medicare members. To navigate the complexities of servicing this particular population, Sagility’s deployed optimized virtual recruitment, adaptable hiring strategies, work-at-home solutions, and process innovation.


Supporting Medicare Population

The client faced the task of managing and supporting dual eligible Medicare members, who require onshore assistance due to regulatory constraints. The intricacies of this population’s needs and the regulatory environment posed significant challenges in terms of recruitment, onboarding, training, and maintaining an adaptable workforce.


Hiring Strategy

Sagility devised a comprehensive hiring strategy that catered to all aspects of the employee lifecycle, ensuring seamless virtual processes. With the guidance of industry experts, Sagility created profile-matching techniques, robust geography-based hiring strategies, and realistic job previews. Cultural ambassadors facilitated immediate connections with the organization, promoting a sense of belonging



In response to the evolving market dynamics influenced by COVID-19, Sagility tailored work-at-home solutions for the client. Utilizing speech analytics, an employee engagement reward system, and a complete remote performance dashboard and coaching platform, Sagility ensured that the work-at-home experience was efficient and comfortable. These integrations not only optimized retention but also ensured compliance and a consistently prepared workforce.


Process Innovation

Leveraging their expertise and best practices from various Medicare/Medicaid support programs, Sagility implemented process innovations. By analyzing trends and insights through their analytical tools, Sagility enhanced training curricula and shortened the learning curve for seasonal ramps. This approach allowed for quicker adaptation to changing requirements and improved the overall service quality.


Through these solutions, Sagility successfully addressed the client’s challenges of supporting dual eligible Medicare members. The optimized virtual recruitment, adaptable hiring strategies, efficient work-at-home solutions, and process innovations collectively contributed to a streamlined and effective support system for this unique population.

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