Sagility Helps Boost a Payer’s NPS to up to 84

The client is a leading health plan with a robust Medicare base.


Balancing Costs with NPS

While offshoring member calls presented an attractive cost savings opportunity, the client needed to balance cost savings with enhanced NPS®, Star ratings, and member retention. We responded to both needs by providing Medicare.member calls from our Bridgetown, Philippines location.


Quality Audits

Our pilot team provided an additional four internal quality audits to identify/address potential complaints to Medicare (Critical to Medicare) CTM.


Leverage Speech Analytics

The team also leveraged speech analytics for internal audits with targeting to call drivers and interactions and identification of issues misquotes. The objective of these analytics was to build categories to filter call drivers behavior for potential CTM and GAD (Grievance, Appeals, and Determination).


Create Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

Additionally, we created BI dashboards to help the team course-correct where required. Team members use the dashboards to mine and address call drivers, conduct needs analysis, and support operations with specific agent calls to target for coaching and development of call handling skills. These activities drive an improved member experience while better informing conversations with the client in relation to call types and issues and provide value-added insights so the client can see trends in call types and identify issues across member base.


Process improvements include:

30 Day


This improvement started immediately – in the first 30 days post production



The team has achieved an 8- NPS score for the client’s Medicare member base – significantly beating the industry standard of 27


NPS Improvement

Sagility enhanced this client’s NPS by 30%

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