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Sagility introduces EDE Pathway Solution to streamline enrollment for health plan issuers to be utilized by brokers and consumers

 Hosted cloud solution provides seamless enrollment experience without redirecting to another website

Chicago – October 1, 2020: Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) (listed in BSE & NSE), announced today that its subsidiary, Colibrium LLC, released its EDE Pathway solution, which enables health insurance plans to deploy the Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) pathway to their prospective and current individual subscribers.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) states that the goal of the EDE program is to enable consumers, agents and brokers assisting consumers to be able to go directly to the approved enrollment partner’s website for the entire application and enrollment experience, without being redirected to In addition, consumers will be able to download Exchange notices, get status updates, or follow up on actions they need to take, directly through the partner’s website. This great new opportunity enables the private sector to come up with innovative ways to create a uniquely tailored end-to-end user experience.

“Our new EDE Pathway solution provides a tailored end-to-end experience by eliminating the current double redirect to for those looking for subsidized coverage and instead helps them to shop, enroll, and apply for a subsidy without leaving our clients’ websites,” said Ramesh Gopalan, Group CEO of Sagility.

“We are excited to share this new, streamlined solution with our existing Marketplace customers, as well as with other health plan issuers who can easily integrate our solution into their existing web tools,” said Madan Moudgal, CEO, Sagility Technology.

The company’s EDE Pathway uses a series of CMS-hosted Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to process eligibility and changes behind the scenes, to ensure compliance with Affordable Care Act (ACA) directives and to manage the interaction between the member and CMS. This new portal will enable issuers and brokers to establish and maintain relationships with members from initial enrollment, through mid-year changes and into renewals.

The EDE Pathway is a fully hosted, turn-key solution for issuers to add to their existing websites. The enrollment pathway enables them to offer on- and off-exchange plans in one, unified experience that maintains their branding throughout the process.

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