Sagility Aging in Place

Whole-person, clinically evidenced, technology-led solutions to help seniors build resilience at home

Seniors need a full spectrum of tailored supports to stay at home longer

Icon of a senior citizen sitting in a rockerLife expectancy is 78.7 years. In the 1980s, it was 73.6 years. People are living longer – and consuming healthcare services at an unprecedented, unexpected rate.

Icon of a heart inside homeMost Americans want to spend their final years at home, but only 20% actually do.

Icon of a concept that is incompleteExisting home health offerings address only singular aspects of aging in place and neglect whole-person care. Insurers and caregivers are supporting more patients at once with undesirable outcomes.

Icon of something that has positive and and negative side When issues are treated in silos and early symptoms are missed, the resulting frailty is precipitous and costly.

Icon of whole body careAging in place requires a full spectrum of proactive, flexible, interconnected supports.

Current approaches are not adequate, integrated, or sustainable

20% of Americans will be 65+ by 2030

80% of seniors prefer to age at home

20% of seniors actually remain at home

2x Frailty doubles the risk of 30-day readmission among elderly

4.5% increase in US healthcare costs between 2016 and 2025

0 end-to-end, measurable, preventative solutions for aging in place UNTIL NOW

It’s time for a whole-person, data-driven solution for aging in place

Sagility Aging in Place™ (SAiP) focuses on frailty and falls mitigation, and acute- and long-term care avoidance.

With analytics, Sagility Aging in Place™ prevents and modifies the high-risk factors for needing higher-level functional assistance, while providing ongoing digital monitoring and education.

Sagility Aging in Place™ is a specialized, end-to-end program and service platform that enables individuals to age in their own homes. By leveraging a proprietary frailty and falls risk assessment, Sagility Aging in Place™ deploys individualized interventions. Our proven methodology addresses frailty, cognitive decline, loneliness, activities of daily living (ADLs), home and transportation issues, and coordination of healthcare needs.

The Sagility Aging in Place™ platform is built on a four-pillar framework:

  • Advanced predictive analytics
  • Multi-disciplinary and integrated care teams
  • Clinically evidenced methodologies
  • Digital channels of engagement

Customizable, end-to-end solution components are critical

Our end-to-end solution integrates healthcare specialists, community partners, workflows, and analytics in innumerable, innovative ways to ensure members, caregivers, payers, providers, and partners are working in sync to enable seniors to live at home longer.

Sagility Aging in Place™ benefits are clear..

Identify risk

Identify elders with near- and long-term frailty and falls risk

Prevent or delay

Prevent or delay long-term care admissions by up to 58%

Optimize home care

Reduce and optimize use of home healthcare benefits

Allocate resources

Allocate scarce resources to those most at risk

Engage caregivers

Identify, engage, and equip caregivers

Develop care plan

Develop evidence-based, whole-person care plans

Identify preferences

Better understand member engagement preferences

Improve experience

Improve member experience

Improve quality of life

Improve quality of life and continue independence

Return on investment

Projected ROI up to 3:1

Targeted, coordinated, preventative care plans contain costs and improve care

Image of Margaret


Policyholder profile

Margaret is 75 years old and lives alone in a single-level home.

She has COPD and a history of heart failure. She is using her plan (LTC benefit) for non-emergent transportation and an aid to help her bathe. Her claims have been consistent for the last 5 months.

Our AiP services

With a frailty and falls assessment, data analytics, and an end-to-end caregiver and support system, we evaluate Margaret’s full spectrum of needs.

Margaret needs personalized and multi-channel outreach and reminders to prevent deterioration.

She needs a custom care plan to address her priorities, activity-focused goals, and clinically evidenced interventions.

Sagility Aging in Place™ takes a proactive approach to falls

Seniors who fall are more likely to need long-term care and reduce their ability to age in place.
Our Falls Prevention solution focuses not just on reducing fall risks, but also provides support to prevent frailty from setting in.

Learn more about Falls Prevention

Icon of whole body care

Sagility’s approach is different

We are healthcare experts with experience in technology, and we understand the complex workflows and processes of healthcare payers and providers. With a full understanding of the strict security and privacy requirements of the industry, all of our solutions are designed to ensure compliance.

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