For Labs and Device Manufacturers

Lab and durable medical equipment (DME) support

B2B and B2C customer lifecycle management with precision, speed, and empathy, in regulated environments

When supporting medical devices or diagnostic, clinical, or laboratory tests, accuracy and speed are crucial. Agents must adhere strictly to procedures, ensure accuracy in the instructions provided, ensure privacy and security, and limit advice only to the equipment. They must provide the right answers – fast. Meeting standards is not important just for audits — mistakes could affect a customer’s health and their trust in your organization. With hundreds of nurses on staff on healthcare client accounts worldwide, Sagility is well versed in the intricacies of supporting clients and their customers in the healthcare, laboratory, and medical equipment space. For your organization, we can, for example:

  • Integrate front-office and back-office processes to drive real outcomes
  • Leverage three decades of customer care expertise and industry-leading compliance
  • Provide multi-language customer support, technical support, triage and order intake, and collections/billing services

Support for lab and DME clients

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Convert and avail of upselling and cross-selling opportunities with sensitivity and good judgement

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Order intake and order status support

Collect required customer information, help select the best options, and ensure on-time delivery

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Configuration and calibration support

Ensure your equipment is fitted to each customer’s needs and operating properly on an ongoing basis

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Compliance, documentation, and knowledgebases

Capture and provide the most accurate information possible to customers and regulators

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Multilingual, omnichannel customer care

Support your connected, global customers with empathy on their preferred channels

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Triage and escalations

Our nurses and healthcare specialists can guide customers on next steps and ensure positive outcomes

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Technical support and troubleshooting

Tiers 1 to 4, self-serve FAQs, mobile camera solutions, feedback to product managers, and more to maximize retention and CSAT

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Warranty and repair support

Outsource parts replacement, recalls, equipment repairs, vouchers and refunds, etc. to focus on new product development

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Billing and collections support

Leverage our team for billing, collections, back office support, and every other stage of the revenue cycle

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Operational, CX, voice of the customer, product, and predictive dashboards synthesized and rendered from internal and external sources

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