Physician Network Provider Improves Data Accuracy, Saving Nearly $1 Million

Thanks to Sagility’s groundbreaking Provider Forward™ solution, a leading physician network provider was able to save nearly $1 million while improving data quality and reducing provider abrasion. 

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About the Client

Our client, one of the top physician network providers, was looking for ways to cut costs while improving the quality of their PDM and credentialing solutions. However, because doing this incorrectly could affect their Star rating and reputation, the client needed a viable solution.


Customer Disenfranchisement

As a physician network provider, the client was faced with constant network changes, including a large number of unclean rosters as well as adding and removing providers from the network. Most of this was done manually, which proved to be slow, expensive, and resulted in a high number of data entry and interpretation errors. 


As a result, the client saw a significant decline in their Star rating, and they disenfranchised many of their customers. Fixing the problem would require a complete overhaul of their system, which could cause business disruptions and take time to perform. 


Automated Roster Management

Most of the issues faced by the client were related to inputting and scrubbing the wrong information from their database, which was a result of human error. To combat this issue, Sagility leveraged the proprietary Network Management Provider Forward™ solution. This automated system is a CRM-based platform with built-in interfacing abilities. 


Using its advanced business rules, the automated Provider Forward™ platform eliminates the need for manual labor. It does this by containing a vast array of roster formats and dictionaries which then populate accurate results. To ensure a smooth transition, the Provider Forward solution is designed in three phases. 


  • Define the standard table for data points that are mostly varied 
  • Clean up and standardize unstructured data elements 
  • Update client systems by using ICP tools in industry-standard formats 


Once this automated solution was implemented, it created multiple channels of inventory intake and completely restructured and optimized the intake template.


The results of implementing Sagility’s automated Provider Forward™ platform were immediate and staggering. Sagility’s Provider Forward™ platform made the network provider more efficient, accurate, and reliable and led to an increase in annual savings with PDM support and credentialing costs. 


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