Improving Experience with Projected Cost Savings of $1.5 Million

Sagility successfully improved a client’s customer experience by optimizing their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. By identifying and addressing low-complexity issues that could be resolved through self-service options, the client achieved substantial improvements in IVR adoption, call deflection, and potential cost savings.


About the Client

The client, a prominent healthcare payer, faced challenges with their contact center’s call handling efficiency. Sagility was engaged to enhance customer experience and reduce contact center volume by strategically implementing IVR solutions.


Overburdened Call Center

Sagility’s analysis revealed that 32% of payer calls managed by the contact center were of low complexity and could potentially be resolved through self-service options in the IVR. The client also faced negative customer sentiments due to prolonged wait times during peak hours.




Subject Matter Experts

Sagility leveraged subject matter experts (SME’s) to identify the types of calls that could be easily addressed through IVR self-service options. By categorizing these low-complexity issues, the team was able to create a strategy for efficient IVR integration.





IVR Integration

The IVR system integration requirements were meticulously mapped to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. This ensured that customers received the necessary assistance while interacting with the IVR system, contributing to a smoother self-service experience.



Process Innovation

Sagility employed industry-standard guidelines to design and implement enhancements to the IVR system. This process innovation ensured that the IVR system was user-friendly and efficient in addressing customer inquiries.



The solutions implemented by Sagility yielded significant results for the client:




Deflected in 3 Months


Potential Savings

Through Call Deflections



In Call Center Volume

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