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Achieve speed-to-value outcomes from stellar NPS® to savings.

A next-generation member experience has never been more essential.

According to Forrester Research, consumers are 64% more likely to stay with a healthcare plan if satisfied—with 84% of members advocating for their brand.

To meet the escalating expectation for optimized health plan experience, the successful equation is not just speed + value, but speed-to-value, to engage and satisfy members and drive down costs.

For brand ambassadors on the front line of today’s optimized member experience, responsiveness, speed, and personalized omnichannel delivery are crucial to the success that we achieve for our health plan clients.

64%consumers are more likely to stay with a healthcare plan if satisfied.
84%of those members advocating for their brand.

We provide empathetic, value-oriented contact centers.

We raise the bar with data and digital innovation, and payer-provider ecosystem insight.

Call center agents
  • Enrollment
  • Claims
  • Eligibility verification
  • Policy maintenance
  • Approved providers
  • Nurse triage
  • Tech support
  • Complaints
  • Order placement/status
  • Retention
  • Prevention/intervention
  • Utilization/care management

We customize for conversion, retention, and value.

In our national and regional payer contact centers, we improve outcomes across Medicare, commercial, specialty, and international lines of business.

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Custom job descriptions and assessments, followed by 35+ hours of education on healthcare economics and processes.

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Quality management with audits, service recovery triggers, side-by-side and live remote monitoring, and balanced scorecards to exceed critical metrics.


In-house innovation hub with AI and automation, interaction analytics, digital deflection, and process re-engineering experts.

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Geographic delivery, scalability, and continuity aligned to needs. Secure in-office and work-at-home models for resilience.

We take a platform-agnostic technology approach to voice, chat, and self-service.

Medical plan member experience

After nearly 30 years of business process management, we have a pulse on all the preferred payer platforms. Operating as a seamless extension of your team, we can fully embrace your existing technology stack.

When a payer is open to technological enhancements, we often recommend our purpose-built, intelligent interaction analytics platform (IIAP). Our IIAP features a unified dashboard that combines voice, text, and structured data analytics, a speech recognition toolkit, and prebuilt natural language processing (NLP) rules designed to analyze voice of the customer.

Our concierge self-service engagement solution includes a conversational AI-bot to answer top member inquiries – allowing payers to deflect calls and resolve issues with web-based chatbots and visual interactive voice response (VIVR).

Our tech decisions are based on journey mapping, alignment with top call drivers, potential cost savings, and opportunities to improve up-stream and downstream processes to reduce member effort and improve value.

Draw on our member experience.

Our customer care heritage, industry accolades and accreditations, and healthcare domain expertise combine to help members lead healthier lives.

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30+ regional and national plans

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30 years of member engagement

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50M+ members supported

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160M healthcare experiences managed yearly

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1,300 nurses, many of them US-based

Are you maximizing value for members?

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In a contact center environment, “value” can entail reducing repeat calls, personalizing offers, or improving self-service, for example. It’s measured using NPS®, Star ratings, CSAT scores, Complaints to Medicare (CTM), and the like. Sagility has provided value to clients in spades.

80 NPS®compared to industry standard of 27
0 CTMin just 60 days post-implementation
8%reduction in repeat calls (immediately after launch)
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