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Pharmacy benefits management (PBM)

Maintain costs and medication adherence and build better member experience.

The bar has been raised for PBMs with opposing objectives: demand for stringent fiscal control and a need for both scale and a B2C customer experience to rival retail while meeting ever increasing regulatory compliance requirements. Add to that the increasing prior authorization bottlenecks and costly review.

Sagility’s domain expertise bridges key areas of both BPaaS and CCaaS, with tech enablement and strategic rightshoring locales—all working together to provide the crucial cost benefits to streamline and refine focus with a global talent base. Our results include, for one leading PBM, breakthrough 30%+ savings, at 200% scale of our contact center/customer service and clinical review.

Our Solution

At Sagility, we consistently deliver on PBM objectives and contain costs despite increasing complexity, with our:

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Contact Center Operations

Member Services

Prior Authorization Helpdesk/Intake

Prescription Refills

Mail Order Enrollment

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Back -Office Services

Benefit Configuration Services

Prior Authorization – Intake, Pharmacist/Clinical Review

Pharmacy Claims and Audit services

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Clinical Services

Medication Therapy Management

Formulary Administration and Optimization

Clinical Review Services

All our services are driven by tech-enabled digital solution with a single-minded focus on member satisfaction, NPS, and minimizing provider abrasion.

The Sagility Difference

Sagility provides around-the-clock support to combat rising medication costs. Our global team of pharmacists, pharmacy techs, nurses, and specialized agents ensures peace of mind and measurable results.
With a sharp team of healthcare practitioners and roots in customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM), we specialize in communicating and simplifying the processes that negatively affect member, provider, pharmacy, and producer satisfaction. With regular stakeholder interaction and an objective, 360-degree view of their activities, we uncover the most effective treatment approaches and do the double-checking that protects members and your bottom line.

Optimize drug costs, access, and outcomes with a proven partner.

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