COVID-19 update

A COVID-19 update from our company’s consulting physician

Throughout 2020 and as we plan for 2021, Sagility has trusted the…

Member experience: Never a better time for digital enablement

Health plans are all too familiar with the challenges of member…

Seamless customer experience begins with enhanced direct enrollment

This year’s open enrollment period takes place from November…

Precision utilization management: Meeting patients where they are

Providers view prior authorization as a manual, burdensome, and…

Bridging provider-payer gaps with today’s technology

Across the world, today’s healthcare organizations are sharing…

4 ways that healthcare systems can manage denied claims

Healthcare systems can better manage denied claims by investing in the front office, improving coding and documentation with technology, improving denial turnaround times, and developing distinct workflows for denials and rejections.

Healthcare customer engagement: Charting an empathetic experience

At the heart of all great customer engagement strategies is empathy – especially in healthcare. COVID-19 has created an opportunity for a CX reset that fully recognizes customer emotions.
mental health

For a more holistic SDoH picture, look at social determinants of mental health

By Daniel A. Schulte, Senior Vice President, Provider Operations,…
Image of a doctor holding a smartphone

Picking up the pace: Healthcare’s evolution to social media

Healthcare has room to grow in providing a B2C social media experience for members/patients and, for several reasons, should pick up the pace of adoption.
Image of a tablet and a stethoscope

Social Determinants of Health: Insights from our Experts

Recent reports show that up to 80% of payers are integrating…

20/20 vision: 9 trends at the heart of tomorrow’s healthcare

From an in-control consumer to digital experience and telemedicine,…

5 NGPX2019 Insights from a First-Time Attendee

By Kevin Nolan, Global Head of Healthcare Marketing, Sagility This…

Outsourcing in Jamaica: Your Questions, Answered

Why is Jamaica such a desirable nearshore customer service support…

Medical credentialing: A safeguard worthy of significant support

By Priyankar Bhattacharya, Sagility Senior Manager, Provider Network…
Image of a tablet and a stethoscope

Social Determinants of Health and Impacting Highest-Need Populations: Your Questions, Answered

Today’s payers and providers are integrating atypical factors—demographics,…

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